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“Taking the smooth sounds of commercial R’n’B and pairing it up to a strong pop sensibility”

Truly original and inspirational singer/songwriters don’t come around too often in today’s current musical climate, which is why Obehi, the UK’s brightest R&B star-in-the-making is a unique talent.

After moving to Scotland from Nigeria as a child Obehi forged her cultural identity through exploring her love of soul and pop music. Prior to pursuing her music career, Obehi studied electronic and electrical engineering and lived a double life whilst following her musical path.

Early influences on Obehi’s moving and melancholic style range from the inimitable Luther Vandross to the magnificent Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. Having grown up with such rich musical influences Obehi building her own blossoming career in music with her own R&B/pop crossover of soaring, soulful love songs, something that she has already garnered critical acclaim for with her first release the Everything EP. Obehi’s music has been described by industry tastemakers as “mainstream which is actually meaningful.”

“I make music because it gives me a pure sense of contentment- Its  part of me. One of the most important things to me is to be myself. I  am not trying to be anything else or anyone else. I am being me.

 Her childhood idols, along with more contemporary influences like Ashanti, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have fused together to produce Obehi’s distinctively original sound, a contemporary combination of pop, R&B and soul. The result is a confident yet delicate approach which draws on the passion and power of soul and the catchy, confidence of pop. “Obehi has a sound best described as evoking the smooth 90s sounds of Brandy & Monica and updating it with some of the offbeat genius that made Gwen Stefani such a successful solo star.”

Obehi isn’t just a gifted vocalist either, her songs are written entirely by her own hand and come fully equipped with a unique kind of charm, sensitivity and honesty that makes each and every track feel personal and from the heart.

“Writing is my emotional release - I pour out a part of myself in  every song I write. I am an actress when I write and when I perform. I  become part of the track and embody the song.”

In her music career Obehi has already racked up successes such as BBC Radio 1 airplay, playlisted on several radio stations; Romeo in Demand and Amazing Radio support; performance on Glasgow Westend festival stage just to name a few and this girl is only getting started.

With the release of her new 4 track EP- Bittersweet, Obehi shows herself to be a delicate yet powerful soul singer with a deft touch for pop and R&B production on track to gaining recognition as a major UK R&B artist.