Addiction.... Il Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

ad·dic·tion (-d k sh n) n. 1. a. Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance.


5 minutes before I go on stage - by heart starts beating faster and faster; my breath slows down. My heels click their way up the stairs taking my body with me with the mic in my hand. The beat starts and the shot of adrenaline hits me. I am higher than a kite and after the last song with a big smile on my face and I only vaguely remember what just happened on stage but I know it was magic and I was so HIGH! Shame I had to come back down.


I wake up singing; I go to bed humming; I need it when I'm out and about. It makes everything completely better. It gives me pure contentment. MUSIC is my addiction and I couldn't stop anytime I wanted to and I don't want to either. OK back off with the straight jacket :) I don't need to be locked up. Not right now but ask me again tomorrow.

It isnt all roses and sunshine; early mornings and late nights, hardwork, bad moods but I couldnt imagine doing anything else. I am in love with music! We are happily married and having lots and lots of music babies.

I sing ,I write, I perform, I run my record label... and my driving force is the fact my love for what I do consumes me.


Everyone who takes the time to listen to my music; comes to see me live; likes my fanpage; follows me on twitter; just joins me on my journey touches my heart. I am completely blessed and humbled by the appreciation. I'm so happy to have my SOLDIERSwith me !!

So THANK YOU and I do mean it when I say I have a lot of LOVE for you. Without you I wouldnt be here :)

Now I have showed you mine, tell me..

What is your addiction?

Peace & Love,