Behind The Scenes Of Performing Live – DIY Record Labels


So…. you might not know this but I run my own record label – GNI Records named after my late Grandfather who was an amazing man and who I remember listening to him when I was younger.

So what comes with running a label for me is all the behind the scenes action that most people don’t see.

Today I had a really great meeting with my friend about the live scene and arranging live shows and most importantly using social networking. He is a genius!! Just a huge fountain of wisdom (Yes T you are a huge fountain of wisdom J)

We talked a lot about the Scottish music scene venues; and the formulas for organising gigs and I learnt so much. I will hold my hands up and say organising shows is my weakness!! I love to show up and focus on performing rather than the organising or the promoting of shows.

There is going to a lot of live shows this year in Edinburgh and Glasgow and I am looking forward to them. I have not performed any of my songs with a live musician to an audience and I feel it will be beyond amazing. A new experience and I cannot wait for it!

There is the knowledge of crowd and I would love to tap into that. Tell me, tell me, tell me J haha

How do you organise gigs and shows? What really makes a show come alive for you?


Peace & Love,