“What is up with your songs being all about heartbreak?”…

“What is up with your songs being all about heartbreak?”…
“Why don’t you write happier songs?”
“You don’t seem like you should sing sad songs because you always seem so bubbly and happy…”

These are all things I have been told at one time or another and the simplest answer is because I am honest about my feelings when I write. When I feel sad and depressed; I pour my heart out and bleed into my songs. In everyday life you sometimes have to smile when you don’t feel like it and stay composed when all you want to do is scream out until it hurts; in a song I am free. I am free to feel what I feel and say what I need to say.

Yes with titles like ‘Love is just pain’ , ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Fool’, Don’t Come Home to Me’  you might start to think dude stay away from douchebags but I think even Prince Charming probably has his douchebag moments and vice versa because this is not only about the men out there no one is perfect.

I always want to be authentic in what I write and what I sing because that is just who I am. I say what I think and I think what I say. I wrote the Bittersweet EP through and right after a relationship and the emotions I was feeling ended up on paper. Take 'Fool' for example....


The song 'Fool' I wrote after coming out of this relationship that yes you guessed it make me feel just plain foolish when I looked back at it. I think sometimes in a relationship you mistake love for habit and when you are looking at the situation through your rear-view mirror you see it all so clearly.

“And I sit watch the tears as they soak up my eyes, such a fool, such a fool, such a fool, and I lie there beside you taste tears on my lips…”

I wrote that line when I remembered a point in the relationship that inspired the song lying next to someone and weeping silently because I was just so….unhappy. At that point I slowly realised if I was being honest with myself I was in a fictional relationship and this man was not the man I made him out to be in my head.

The message of the track Fool is it OK to look back and call a spade a spade. If I acted foolish in love I am owning up to it. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and loving hard, just learn from them and grow in a stronger version on yourself.

If “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

then aren’t we all guilty when we open up our hearts and let people in even if we have been hurt in the past maybe several times…..

So that is the truth behind Fool; if you haven't heard it or feel like listening to it again now you know the story behind it here it is .... Enjoy!




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