Oxygen (c) 2010 OBEHI

Oxygen © 2010,

Written By Obehi & Oyegbe I


Like a stalker Id constantly follow you around,

At your back and always know whats going down,

I need some instant remedy,

Cause my love is suffocating me,

I need a cure doctor please help,

Or officer just throw away the key,

That light fingered fellow you see,

Has taken the best of me.



He was like my everything

Without him I couldn’t breathe,

He was like my oxygen,

He was like my heart beat you see,

He was like my morning light,

My raindrops in the sky,

Fall into the ocean deep, Drowned and took over me.


Like a preacher Id pray for you constantly,

Get down feel the bruises on my knees,

Confess to me secretly,

Tell me your secrets,

Baby tell me your dreams,

Il keep them forever safe with me,

In my house of privacy,

Trust me Il be your diary,

Locked up and thrown away the key yeah.




I’ll be your gravity, baby Il hold you down,

Be there when you stumble and Il be around.

Check my footsteps are in the sand,

I’v been there through your ups and downs.